Panic Room

No. I’m not talking about the movie or even the place – I’m talking about giving yourself room to panic when situations are going utterly nutso and you think you might crack.

For me, panic sets in about a month or two before a conference and increases the closer I get to con date. This can be financially (how am I going to pay for this?) or travel related (how am I going to get there?) or even emotionally (why am I leaving the safety of my home?). It can also come in the form of having too much to do to get ready for a conference and not knowing where to start. It overwhelms when you continue to chip away at the list and more things spring up. Panic is that feeling in your gut that you’ve forgotten to do something very important or that you keep putting off doing stuff in hopes that it goes away. (I find the procrastination method to be the least effective in gaining control over panic.)

I think some of us need to panic. There is a built-in mechanism that switches on whenever we step across that threshold out of our comfort zones and into the abyss. I try very hard to suppress this by talking myself down and saying “it’s all good.” As far as I know the first time I did that successfully was this weekend and you know what? It really was all right. I panicked right up until a few weeks ago knowing I was stepping into a situation that I’d never been in and not knowing what to expect. I gave myself that permission to speculate, wonder and imagine things as they might be, to let myself fall into the fear-inducing agoraphobia that keeps me prisoner most of the time, and allowed my emotions to give me those dreadful arrhythmias that convince me I’m going to die any second.  Finally, I just said to myself, “this is crazy. You are only making yourself feel this way because of the unknown.” Once I did that, my panic seemed to ease and I was once again sailing smoothly. As a matter of fact I didn’t even pack my car or my overnight case until the morning of the conference. You know what? Everything worked out just fine – with the exception of forgetting to pack a bra for yesterday morning, but I was only driving home and it was only a 30 minute trip so I really wasn’t too upset about it.

My next source of great panic is getting everything ready for AAD13 in Savannah, GA in August. I only hope I can be as calm and collected as I was with the Twisted World Con. Considering Savannah is a hell of a lot farther drive for me than 30 minutes, I better make sure I pack those bras now.





March Madness is Here!! And I’m Giving Mega Prizes Away…

In honor of March Madness (and no I don’t follow basketball) I’m going to be giving away crazy ass shit on this blog hop. Detail will follow at the end of the blog, but for now…I want to talk a bit about the MM that is unrelated to hoops.

It used to be that March was the time of year when the bathing suits came out and me and my friends would rush to slather ourselves in baby oil, Crisco or butter (hey, it was the early 80’s and we didn’t know about sunscreen back then) and lay out at the beach or backyard to start working on our summer tans. See, in Florida that was so doable in the early part of the year. Hell, I remember doing that in late February on a few occasions. Thanks to a little hydrogen peroxide and sunlight hair would begin to turn blonder. By the time spring break arrived, we were totally babealicious and ready to “cruise the Strip.” – If you lived at all near Panama City Beach, Florida you knew what this meant, along with AEA Weekend. In recent years, MM has changed–altered from those carefree day to something a bit more dicey….

…yes, folks I’m talking about March in New Jersey.

To really appreciate the “bridge” month – that is the weather equivalent of limbo —  one has to live here. It can be sunny and 60 degrees one day, and the next you are shoveling two feet of snow off your driveway and your car looks like a bump in the landscape. This year has been particularly frustrating since the weather people ….er…um…meterologists… have not gotten it right once. You’d think with all the hi-tech gadgetry, dopplers, satellites and GPS they would get a lock on systems and figure it out. But no, good old Mother Nature has stayed one or two giant steps ahead of them all season. It makes it a bit difficult to make plans when you don’t know from moment to moment if you’re going to need an shorts or snow shoes. Commuting to work on an ice rink is not my idea of good time, though in all honesty I have to commend the road crews for staying on top of things this year.

Then cabin fever sets in.

Like Jack Nicholson’s character in The Shining I feel like busting out of my house and saying, “Here’s Johnny.” I long to take a walk on the trails with my hubby and dog and just enjoy being outside. The days he has gone it’s been too cold for me to linger outside for too long. You know the type of cold I’m talking about – the one that cuts through your 27 layers of clothing and goes straight to your bones. It’s really beautiful country up where I live and is quite relaxing to walk along the many trails that cut through the woods and hills. However, that’s an activity better saved for April, when March Madness has ended and the weather is a bit more on the predictable side.

New Jersey is definitely an “outdoors” state. There are so many things to see and do when the weather cooperates. Festivals and plays, gardens and farmers’ markets, boardwalks and beaches, tiny bistros with dining on pretty patios. It’s all here.  Parks and playgrounds. And events. I don’t think a week goes by when there isn’t some sort of outdoor happening within easy driving distance. This year the local St. Patrick’s Day parade was on the 9th and had nice warm, weather for all to enjoy. There have been some years when the pipers nearly froze their kilts off. Not a pretty picture. Makes marching in step all the more painful I’m sure.

This year my March Madness as taken another turn as I attempt to write several books in a month. I know what you’re thinking…she really is mad! Well, perhaps I am, but just think of it as taking all that pent up energy from being indoors all winter and channeling it to a greater, more entertaining purpose than breaking down a door with an ax.

To prove I am just as mad as a hatter, I’m giving away those prizes I mentioned above.

To one lucky winner I will give away a book of their choice from my backlist.

One winner will receive copies of one of my series. (In ebook)

Yet another winner will get my entire backlist – that’s three different author names and about 23 books. Wow!!! What a prize.

Winners will be selected from the list of people who reply, so if you reply please leave a name and email where I can contact you. It’s very disheartening to try and contact a winner only to discover there is no way to get a hold of them. If you mention you are going to Authors After Dark in Savannah this summer, I will enter you into an extra special drawing to meet me for drinks during the conference. (If you are under 21 your drink will consist of non-alcoholic beverage of your choice.)

Special notices: Due to the nature and subject matter of some of my titles all entrants must be at least 18 years of age. If you would like to comment on the blog, but are not eligible to enter the contest, please mention it in your reply. If you do not, I will assume you are good to go.

Contest closes on March 31st. Drawing to take place on April Fools Day – just to keep it interesting.

Good luck and let a little March Madness into your life.



In Anticipation of Comic Con

Next week is the New York Comic Con, taking place at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC. It’s been a few years since I attended this event as they seem to keep moving it around the calendar. The last time I went it was in January or February. Here it is October and we’re just gearing up for it…what’s that all about? Anyhoo…that time I only had a one-day pass that was paid for by a friend of ours who gave us the tix for dog sitting his adorable chocolate lab while he was away (the friend, not the dog.) This time I decided what the hell, I’d get four day passes for me and the hubster and we’d go in like the fan-geeks we are.

And why not? When we go to San Diego we buy passes for the entire con – of course going to SDCC requires a transcontinental excursion and a week’s vacation and another to recuperate, but it’s worth every minute and every penny spent. Since we live so close to NY, this four-day con will be spent in the luxury of our own home and getting back in time to let the dog out before she messes the carpet.

My friend Malorie went to the con last year with her four-day passes in hand and had a wonderful time (trust me, I saw the pix.) We’ve been discussing this year’s con since then and making plans to have a particularly kick-ass time. I can’t wait. Four days…to just wander around the dealer floor and artist alley and see the sights. To go to panel discussions and meet and greets of some of my heroes. It’s going to be awesome. I’ll be sure and take my camera and my phone so I can take pix on both and upload them here.

The best part of this – Dave got the four days off to go in with us. I bought the tix not knowing if he’d be able to swing the time off, but someone was smiling on us and made it happen. We’re hoping he makes some good contacts for his voice over work and gets auditions and all that loverly jazz. Me, I’m going to be concentrating on any writers and their tables down on the dealers’ floor and maybe I might just get a table next year, some banners and hock my own wares. Why not? I’ve had a vivid dream since Dave and his friends first started doing comic books and we’d go to show where they’d have their own tables: that dream is to take one year and do nothing but cons and write and meet the public. I’m still working on making that dream happen….maybe next year.


Paperback Release of Water Mark by Kathleen Scott

What could be more fun than blasting off on a Jump ship through a portal and landing in the next dimension over for a little treasure hunt for a powerful relic? Oh, I don’t know…maybe hooking up with a lost love and helping him to save his people? That’s the basic thrust of Water Mark, the second in my Dimensional Jumpers series from Samhain.

For some reason I really enjoy taking my books into the future either with interstellar travel or jumping through portals into parallel universes. I might not always use technology that can suck the brain out of a grown man at twenty paces, but I do like to use things that might not be invented yet, but you better believe someone besides me has contemplated the applications. Pair high-stakes gambles with hot love stories and you’ve got a story ripe for adventure.

Here’s a little blurbage from Water Mark.

Water Mark by Kathleen Scott
Genre: SciFi – Futuristic
Length: 240 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-730-6
Price: $15.00 Limited time sale-priced for $10.50

Two hearts, many worlds, one mission.

As Wynn St. Jyles searches for the fabled Amulet of Skia among the dangerous market stalls of the Alterrian Islands, memories of her last disastrous mission to the beta dimension haunt her steps. She’s determined not to repeat the mistakes that left her with a broken heart and permanent ear damage, but this trip doesn’t look much more promising.

Particularly when she’s dragged into a dark room, robbed of her aural implant–and the face swimming in her vertigo-stricken vision is the lover who, five years ago, left her in a pool of her own blood.
Kade, an exiled prince of the realm, still carries the pain of the devastating choice that forced him to leave Wynn for dead. Now she’s in his arms again, but the last thing she wants is him. She wants only what he’s trying to protect–the amulet.

Forced to become cautious allies in a violent, inter-dimensional arms race, Wynn finds herself fighting just as hard against a rekindled desire for Kade–leaving her wondering how she can hope to control the key to the multi-dimensions when she can’t even control her own heart.

Product Warnings: Contains pulse-pounding action, vertigo-inducing plot twists, and a love that crosses dimensions.

Click here to read an excerpt or to order a copy


-Kathleen Scott