Alas Another Comic Con Come and Gone

I have to say this year’s was a lot of fun. There were some major problems with NYCCfail, but all in all it was a very good show. First the highlights.

Got to attend a panel with Sir Terry Pratchett. – There are just no words for how awesome and creative he is. Love him.

Dave got to meet with some of his favs from the comic world. George Perez, Stanton, and Grieger. I got two Helloby graphic novels signed by Mike Mignola. (Yes!!!)

Got a pair of custom fangs made for the Vampire Ball at AAD13 for next summer. If I’m doing this, I’m going all out. No plastic fangs for me baby. They rock. And I really can’t say enough nice things about Father Sebastian, the guy who crafted them. Nice dude, great conversation. Gave me some things to think about and books I really want to purchase.

Met Vickie from The Robot Museum and Cerece Murphy from LionSky Publishing. Both awesome ladies and real go-getters.

Watched a Quidditch match with my friend Malorie. Spent time shopping with her and her sis, Taylor. Dave and I met up with our friend Glenn Whittmore and hung out with him a while. (Why is it that most of our comic friends we only see at cons? Very sad that.)

Now for the not so good stuff.

First of all, shame on the organizers for placing Sir Terry in a huge hall where there were other events going on at the same time he was speaking. There was even a band playing not too far away. He’s a very soft spoken man. Even with the microphone we had a hard time hearing him. People actually got up and left because they couldn’t hear him. Very poorly done. #NYCCfail.

Secondly, the venders out front of Jacob Javits. Now, I want to say, I am a big supporter of the NYPD. I think they do a tremendous job in a city that size and that heavily populated. But why on earth would you make the venders move across the street from the venue for 10 minutes and then come back and just rearrange their carts? Did you not like the fact the falafel dude was on the right? And here’s the gyro guy on the corner…now you want him in the middle? Just dumb. So now you have all these conventioneers, crossing a busy street to go grab something to eat. Which is more dangerous, people lining up on a sidewalk out of the way of traffic…or crossing a busy street? *shakes head*

The “Green” door. – This is for the loading and unloading of ticketed conventioneers only. – Oh, unless they decide to stop anyone from going inside and make them stand in a line in the middle of the day because the concourse is too full. The entire reason people buy badges ahead of time (other than the fact the event has gotten so big you can’t buy them at the door now) is for the convenience of sailing right in and not having to wait in line. Also, the “Green” door is the farthest door away from whatever side street you happen to walk up. So, let’s just make in the most inconvenient entrance for all those involved. Oh, and while you’re at it…make sure you don’t let anyone walk OUT of the building in Artists Alley and force them to get back into the freakin’ throng of people wading through the corridor that connects that part of the convention hall to the main entrance. #NYCCfail.

The IGN Theater fiasco – Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice theater. Big. Seats I don’t know how many, but has a decent capacity. First fail was the fact no where in the literature does it tell you that to line up for the theater that is located in 1D, they make you line up in 1C. For realz, folks. You couldn’t have printed that somewhere? Second fail was the fact they let people stay in their seats for the next show, or the next next show. This is fine on the first days of the con when there aren’t many people there, but on Saturday. Um, no. Wrong. So unless you’d camped out there from the morning, you weren’t getting a seat for the later shows. My friend Mals actually texted me that all panels were filled for the rest of the day. HUGE #NYCCfail. All right, so I have this loverly 4-day pass and I can’t get into any of the panels because you decided not to clear the theater? That’s just not right. Why should I have to camp out all day long to see something that doesn’t happen until 4 or 5 pm?

Oh, and the most ironic thing about that…they have a Q & A panel at the end of the con for voicing complaints about the show. Guess what? Yep, that’s right….IT WAS FILLED!! So, instead of voicing my complaints through the proper channels I get to rant here online.

Despite these problems, I still say it was overall a great show. A fun time. The costumes were amazing. People were nice and gracious, despite the overwhelming crowds.

Next year…I might just get a booth.



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