In Anticipation of Comic Con

Next week is the New York Comic Con, taking place at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC. It’s been a few years since I attended this event as they seem to keep moving it around the calendar. The last time I went it was in January or February. Here it is October and we’re just gearing up for it…what’s that all about? Anyhoo…that time I only had a one-day pass that was paid for by a friend of ours who gave us the tix for dog sitting his adorable chocolate lab while he was away (the friend, not the dog.) This time I decided what the hell, I’d get four day passes for me and the hubster and we’d go in like the fan-geeks we are.

And why not? When we go to San Diego we buy passes for the entire con – of course going to SDCC requires a transcontinental excursion and a week’s vacation and another to recuperate, but it’s worth every minute and every penny spent. Since we live so close to NY, this four-day con will be spent in the luxury of our own home and getting back in time to let the dog out before she messes the carpet.

My friend Malorie went to the con last year with her four-day passes in hand and had a wonderful time (trust me, I saw the pix.) We’ve been discussing this year’s con since then and making plans to have a particularly kick-ass time. I can’t wait. Four days…to just wander around the dealer floor and artist alley and see the sights. To go to panel discussions and meet and greets of some of my heroes. It’s going to be awesome. I’ll be sure and take my camera and my phone so I can take pix on both and upload them here.

The best part of this – Dave got the four days off to go in with us. I bought the tix not knowing if he’d be able to swing the time off, but someone was smiling on us and made it happen. We’re hoping he makes some good contacts for his voice over work and gets auditions and all that loverly jazz. Me, I’m going to be concentrating on any writers and their tables down on the dealers’ floor and maybe I might just get a table next year, some banners and hock my own wares. Why not? I’ve had a vivid dream since Dave and his friends first started doing comic books and we’d go to show where they’d have their own tables: that dream is to take one year and do nothing but cons and write and meet the public. I’m still working on making that dream happen….maybe next year.



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