I know there has been a rash of blog posts lately featuring the unseemly practices of some authors who decided it was a good idea to fake reviews or for reviewers to sell good ones to authors in need of a little push. Believe me, I wasn’t going to throw my two cents into the already overflowing bucket of rhetoric on the subject, but for some reason it has been really nagging at me.

I know none of those involved in any of the posts I’ve read. As a matter of fact I’ve only come by the posts via twitter or facebook feed and all from third party shares. I only know the events as I’ve read them on those blogs and have not investigated the matters further.

There have been other, more disturbing stories lately about authors trashing people for giving them low ratings, or the reviewers raking an author over the coals because they didn’t like a book. I’m sure none of this is a new trend. That these things have been going on for a long time, it’s just authors are more keyed into it now.


This is the crux of the post.

Not to point fingers or place blame or even cast a moral judgement on behavior, I just want to know why.

Why do they seem to be happening with greater frequency? Why are we more aware of it? Why do people not learn from the folly of others?

Has society as a whole become so desensitized to others’ feelings or been imbued with a driving need to always come in first place that as a population we throw common sense and manners to the wind and hope there is no backlash? That our actions will not render consequences? How about the building frustrations of an economy on the brink of collapse so people have become more desperate to get ahead that they will use any means to do so? Is the field just too competitive now that the need to shine or stand out overrides all other thoughts even at the cost of career suicide?

I don’t know. I haven’t any answers. It might be one, all or none of the above. The reasons are probably as vast and varied as the authors themselves. I don’t think we’ll ever know all the motivations behind these practices. I think the best we can manage is to read about them, make note and decide to take the high ground.

I do want to thank all of those who have been in the strike zone and chosen to write about it, to bring it to public notice and educate others. It’s the only way to raise awareness.

That’s the end of my thoughts on that matter–or rather questions. Now I want to hear what you think.

Tell me…Why? I want to know your opinions on the matter.



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