Release Day for Mystics and Warriors Book 2: Sacred Sacrifices

All right, so I messed up on the release day. I thought it was the 17th, but apparently it is today! I’m both happy and sad over this. Happy because it’s finally out – sad because most of my scheduled promos and blog tours are for the end of the month. *sigh* Normally, I do admit my mistakes, but things were a bit confusing due to the fact the release date was moved a few times, so I can hardly be blamed for messing things up in the long run. I can only spin so many plates and juggle so many balls before the whole thing comes tumbling down. But enough about the author, let’s get to the reason I’m writing this blog…the book.

When I set out to write the sequel to Bad Religion, I knew I wanted to tell Jerella’s story and how she came to love and depend on two men to help her tackle the oppressive and evil theocrats. I also knew going into the book that both men would be on opposing sides of the conflict. What I didn’t know when I started writing and didn’t figure out until about chapter five or six is that the men had been former lovers. Well, if that just didn’t put a whole new spin on the emotion conflict of the story. I knew then that I really needed to listen to the characters and pursue that storyline as well. It wasn’t just about defeating the bad guys– or putting a serious dent in their plans — or Jerella’s journey to come into her full Sophatic powers. It was also about healing the past and moving forward. I always knew the title of the book, but it seemed that this new direction deepened the significance of Sacred Sacrifices and made it so much more meaningful. And before you ask…yes, I am one of those authors who really looks for the true meaning of their titles. I couldn’t just slap anything on the cover and call it good enough. It has to resonate with the story inside to a degree that it becomes impossible to separate the title and book.

The more I wrote Veric and Keis’s back story the richer the book became. I have to say I’m really quite proud of this title. It has everything I ever imagined it to be and more. I hope readers will enjoy Jerella, Veric and Keis’s story as much as I did. As with all my books, this has it’s fair share of intrigues, explosions and high tech gadgets. It also has a daring rescue, hot sex and trans-dimensional creatures. So much fun to write.

Here’s the blurbage for your enjoyment:

Sophite adja Jerella Montegro has crossed the length of the Sangrah Provinces to connect with a Unarion she’s only           communicated with in her mind. Hunted by the theocrats on an order of execution, she has risked everything to come to the aid of the
psychic sect she’s only heard of in stories. To bring them into the rebel fold with the Sophites and Drumas, it’s worth any price—including her life.

Unarion psychic Veric has spent the last few years mourning the betrayal of his lover, Keis, to the theocratic guards. Now, with
the construction of a tower near the borders of his homeland, and the rift of a nexus opening in the city of Rimfel, he needs           Jerella’s help to defeat the theocrats and their sinister plans once and for all.

Guard General Keis has given his all to the uniform he wears if only to bring his secret agenda to fruition. With Jerella and Veric in his crosshairs, he can’t lose. For what’s the promise of the future without a few sacrifices?

For those wishing to purchase it on or nook the link is not yet live, but it will be available in those formats soon.

Now, the only think I have left to do is to figure out how to get the info on my website. *taps fingers on desk*