Paperback Release of Water Mark by Kathleen Scott

What could be more fun than blasting off on a Jump ship through a portal and landing in the next dimension over for a little treasure hunt for a powerful relic? Oh, I don’t know…maybe hooking up with a lost love and helping him to save his people? That’s the basic thrust of Water Mark, the second in my Dimensional Jumpers series from Samhain.

For some reason I really enjoy taking my books into the future either with interstellar travel or jumping through portals into parallel universes. I might not always use technology that can suck the brain out of a grown man at twenty paces, but I do like to use things that might not be invented yet, but you better believe someone besides me has contemplated the applications. Pair high-stakes gambles with hot love stories and you’ve got a story ripe for adventure.

Here’s a little blurbage from Water Mark.

Water Mark by Kathleen Scott
Genre: SciFi – Futuristic
Length: 240 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-730-6
Price: $15.00 Limited time sale-priced for $10.50

Two hearts, many worlds, one mission.

As Wynn St. Jyles searches for the fabled Amulet of Skia among the dangerous market stalls of the Alterrian Islands, memories of her last disastrous mission to the beta dimension haunt her steps. She’s determined not to repeat the mistakes that left her with a broken heart and permanent ear damage, but this trip doesn’t look much more promising.

Particularly when she’s dragged into a dark room, robbed of her aural implant–and the face swimming in her vertigo-stricken vision is the lover who, five years ago, left her in a pool of her own blood.
Kade, an exiled prince of the realm, still carries the pain of the devastating choice that forced him to leave Wynn for dead. Now she’s in his arms again, but the last thing she wants is him. She wants only what he’s trying to protect–the amulet.

Forced to become cautious allies in a violent, inter-dimensional arms race, Wynn finds herself fighting just as hard against a rekindled desire for Kade–leaving her wondering how she can hope to control the key to the multi-dimensions when she can’t even control her own heart.

Product Warnings: Contains pulse-pounding action, vertigo-inducing plot twists, and a love that crosses dimensions.

Click here to read an excerpt or to order a copy


-Kathleen Scott


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