Being a Better Me

All right, I’ll admit it, I often go into fits of self-loathing. I think most people do have days when they are down on themselves, or just not feeling happy. I don’t think there is necessarily anything wrong with it – it’s just part of the human condition. And being a human…well, I occasionally succumb to it too.

However, today I make a difference in my life. Today I started getting rid of the clutter.

It all started with my hubby. (No! I didn’t get rid of him, God forbid. I love the little bugger.) It was the fact he’s been in a cleaning frenzy lately and I’ve really been enjoying what he’s accomplished. Makes me want to join in the fun.

Wait. I know what you’re thinking. Fun and cleaning- they just don’t go together. And you’d be 100% right. I hate to clean. I hate the very thought of it. But alas, with letting things go, clutter begins to build until it seems a malignant condition. Prime example is the area where I work of an evening while watching television. There is this huge end table there, very nice wood and glass combo that should actually be placed in the center of a sectional. Instead it’s squeezed into my area and I use it to drop random things on. I say random because I never really know what I’m going to find there. That’s going to be the first thing I lose. I think with a smaller table and a bookshelf, I can get the unbearable clutter taken care of and live freely in my little corner.

Well, that takes care of some of the house things, but what about self? Yes, I know…needs a lot of work. But it’s not that bad really. I’ve actually started a love affair recently with the spreadsheet. I’ve been exposed to them before, but not like this. It all started when I began to look for a program to help me organize my writing finances for my accountant. Every year I show up with a piece of paper that has uneven columns, lists, totals and nothing tallied. It’s a wonder he hasn’t thrown me out of his office by now. But he hasn’t. Love him for that.

Anyhoo, I found one in my MS Works for credit card expenditures. After a few header changes and new title, I am in business. Now all I have to do is open the file and add expenses when I get them. So easy. Why I didn’t do this years ago, I have no clue. Well, that spreadsheet led me to another one. The Daily Food Diary. Oh Lord, this was made for me. No more keeping a journal in a notebook or having to add up calories myself. The program does it for me. Hurray!! So easy. The only draw back is that each day is a new file.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to squash the months into zip files and keep them on a thumb drive so I can look back and see how I’m doing. Which reminds me….better go and add in for my food this evening. I’ll be at work and unable to enter them in tonight.There is also one for exercise, but I think I can streamline that one better. They have it split up into strength training and aerobic exercise. I’d rather have just Daily Exercise.

My goal in all this is to be a better me. It’s not asking much, it’s not praying for a miracle or even accolades. I think with the clutter contained and order in my court, I’ll be able to concentrate better, work more efficiently and accomplish more.