Echoes in Stones by MK Mancos releases today from The Wild Rose Press










Echoes of tragedy fill the walls of Campbell’s Folly.

Contractor Noah Chase heard mournful cries inside the castle when he was a boy. Now he’s returned to Sussex-On-Delaware to restore the castle and set the spirits free. To succeed, he must face his past, gain the town’s cooperation, and come to terms with the emotions the sexy photographer he hires inspires inside his heart.

Lilly Briton has ghosts of her own. After a bitter divorce and estrangement from her family, the last thing she wants is to return to Sussex-On-Delaware. Hired as a photographer to chronicle the castle’s restoration, she unwillingly finds herself falling for Noah.

Together they attempt to uncover the mystery surrounding Campbell’s Folly and its curse. Yet before they can help the spirits of star-crossed lovers, they must deal with the past and the presence of an evil entity set on destroying them all.


What was there about Noah Chase that made her feel as if she’d just stepped to the edge of a deep ravine? There was no way of telling what lay in wait at the bottom until she took the plunge.

The castle walls seemed to close in around her.

The eerie sensation from the day before wound around her legs, traveling up her body like cold disembodied hands. “Lilly?”

She tried to take a step back, but her feet remained planted to the floor. Noah moved closer and held onto her as she started to fall over.

Panic attacks had never taken on such odd symptoms. Or was it panic? Surely she only imagined things. Noah didn’t appear disturbed at all.

“Does it seem cold to you?”

He searched her face for a moment then moved his hand in the space between them. The tips of his fingers brushed her stomach. Heat exploded in her belly on contact, chasing away the lingering cold.

“No. It’s very warm.” Color filled his cheeks and he stepped back. “I need to get back to work.”



Available now from The Wild Rose Press in both print and ebook editions.




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