Making Tracks

Finally after being stuck on one spot for months, I’m finally moving forward on the sequel to Bad Religion. The title of the next book in the series, Sacred Sacrifices pits Jerella the Sopha adja against the Unarion psychic, Veric.

If you remember from the first book, Jerella was powerful if not a bit on the spoiled side. Well, she still is powerful and she’s learning to not be spoiled. If that’s possible. Their foe is the Guard General Keis. He has a few surprises of his own in store for our intrepid couple. None that I’m going to spill here, mind you, but they are really nice and yummy good.

I’ve also been kicking around with what to do with Queen’s Menagerie. I mean I know I would send it out again after it was rejected for representation, but just not to whom I was going to send. Was I going to try the agent route again or was I going to send it to a publisher. Well, I’ve always had trouble looking the conflict in the eyes in that book and calling it good enough, so I really was up in the air about which way to go. Then viola. It came to me. As I woke up this morning I noticed the fix was in my brain and the knowledge of where to send it was firmly lodged in my heart. I will not reveal that at this time, but I think it was supposed to work out this way. Round about, yes. But it feels right. And that’s all that matters as far as the Secret is concerned. So, on to the next project making me crazy these days.

All of them.

I have a high fantasy romance rolling around in my damn brain. I might have to work on that one. Along with the Victorian paranormal erotic romance and the next in the Scicia Saga. Ergg. Too many ideas, not enough days off to write them all.

I’m a  very busy girl.

Laters, folks.



Where Does the Time Go?

All right. I looked up from my desk and noticed it was November and I haven’t written anything here since I opened the blog. Not good. But I do have an excuse- if I’m not writing here, it means I’m busy writing books.

Hey that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Anyhoo, there will be some changes around here shortly. I’ll get some links up and add some new and exciting sales and releases. I’ve had a talk with another wordpress blog I started with some friends under the name Kate Davison (Reading, Writing and Ruminations) and I think me and the format have come to an understanding. There are still some things I need to learn…it might be worth it to pick up a WordPress for dummies – if they have anything like that, or a book that’s like a tutorial. Most of the time I just cut myself loose and click buttons to see what happens. However, that way lies danger since I’ll get sucked into the muck, mire and morass and not get any writing done. As it is, I’ve been two hours getting information together so my website can be updated. (I really am the Queen of Procrastination.)

Long Live the Queen!

Not any more. Even though it isn’t quite time to start making those New Year’s Resolutions, I think mine is going to be that I stay updated on all my sites. I know it’s a tall order, but five or ten minutes a couple times a week is probably better than taking half a Sat. morning away from my writing when I’ve got projects up the wazoo to finish and getting no where on them fast.

Intellectually I know this. In practice, I’m upate fail personified. It’s been so long since I’ve logged in to Twitter that when I signed in a big white blank page came up. Does that mean I’m locked out? Probably.

Sigh. Think I’ll take a walk with the hubby and dog and get my mind right. A good, big dose of fresh fall air will do me good.


Mystic Kat